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Conflicts of Interest

A compilation of documents and articles showing conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical companies and the media, our educational institutions, and our government regulatory agencies

Big Pharma Owns The Corporate Media, But Americans Are Waking Up And Fighting Back

When you tune in to MSNBC, Fox News, or any of the other corporate media machines, you’re probably not going to hear much about the methods in which big pharma is taking advantage of consumers either through price gouging or medical mishaps. The reason for this is because talking about those stories creates a major conflict of interest for the people behind the scenes. Mike Papantonio discusses this with journalist and author Martha Rosenberg.


Doctors, economists, lawmakers, and civil society groups fighting the WTO waiver are funded by the pharmaceutical lobby

Big Pharma Lobbied Social Media to Flag COVID ‘Misinformation,’ Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna, lobbied Twitter and other social media platforms to set moderation rules that would flag purported COVID-19-related “misinformation,” according to Lee Fang, who reported on the latest “Twitter files.”

Yes, Fauci and Gates Do Have Ties to COVID-19 Vaccine Maker

A USA Today headline falsely claiming Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have “no ties” to Moderna is illustrative of a major problem with our media.

Breaking: Landmark Lawsuit Slaps Legacy Media With Antitrust, First Amendment Claims for Censoring COVID-Related Content

A lawsuit filed today by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and multiple other plaintiffs, alleges the Trusted News Initiative, a self-described “industry partnership” launched in March 2020 by several of the world’s largest news organizations, partnered with Big Tech firms to collectively censor online news.

Conflicts of interest in health care journalism. Who’s watching the watchdogs?

Ben Harder, a journalist with "US News & World Report," recently tweeted, “Pharma ads subsidize many health reporters’ salaries.

Inside the Facebook Files: Emails Reveal the CDC's Role in Silencing COVID-19 Dissent

Throughout the pandemic, the CDC was in constant contact with Facebook, vetting what users were allowed to say on the social media site.


Financial ties of principal investigators and randomized controlled trial outcomes: cross sectional study

To examine the association between the presence of individual principal investigators’ financial ties to the manufacturer of the study drug and the trial’s outcomes after accounting for source of research funding.

Stanford launches major effort to expedite vaccine discovery with $50 million grant

The funding will establish the Stanford Human Systems Immunology Center, and will accelerate efforts to develop vaccines for the world's most deadly infectious diseases.

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines

The Rockefeller Foundation, the National Science Foundation and other nonprofits are pouring millions of dollars into a research initiative “to increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and other recommended public health measures by countering mis- and disinformation.” By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Big Pharma Pays Universities for Most Medical Research in U.S. Today

More than half of medical research funding in the U.S now comes from pharmaceutical companies, which exceeds funding of research by the National Institutes of Health.

University of Washington

To accelerate globally-informed and pregnancy-specific modeling to support drug development for maternal health

Harvard Medical Students Rebel Against Pharma-Ties

200 Harvard Medical School STUDENTS are confronting the administration demanding an end to pharmaceutical industry influence in the classroom.

Microsoft partners with the University of Washington to create the Tech Policy Lab



FDA receives 45% of its annual budget from industry


The World Health Organization (WHO) gets half its budget from private sources, Pharma and its allied foundations


CDC, is a vaccine company that owns 56 vaccine patents

CDC buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually - Vaccines for Children program… over 40% of its total budget


CDC Urged to Be Truthful About Its Corporate Financial Ties

Public interest nonprofit organizations U.S. Right to Know and Public Citizen have petitioned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to stop issuing false disclaimers that it “does not accept commercial support” and has “no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products.”1

Gates Foundation Donations to WHO Nearly Match Those From U.S. Government

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the U.S. would be ‘terminating’ its relationship with the World Health Organization.

Trump’s FDA commissioner takes job at Moderna backer

Stephen Hahn joins Flagship Pioneering, which launched Moderna a decade ago and made billions from its coronavirus vaccine

Big Pharma’s Takeover of Modern Medicine Created a ‘Pandemic of Misinformed Doctors’

Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra shares data on the Big Pharma takeover of modern medicine and explains how it’s led to “a pandemic” of misinformed doctors who unwittingly harm and misinform their patients.

14 ACIP Members Who Voted to Jab Your Young Children — and Their Big Ties to Big Pharma

On Nov. 2, members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee voted 14–0 to recommend Pfizer’s pediatric COVID shot for children 5 –11 years old. Were their decisions driven by science and conscience — or their ties to drugmakers?

Hidden conflicts? Pharma payments to FDA advisers after drug approvals spark ethical concerns

Science investigation of journal disclosures and pharmaceutical funding records shows potential influence on physician gatekeepers

Thanks to Pfizer Vaccine, 3rd-Party Royalties to NIH Doubled to $127 Million in 2021

Adam Andrzejewski, founder of, told comedian and political commentator Russell Brand that 3,000 pages of documents produced by the National Institutes of Health were so heavily redacted that if “we didn't employ forensic data scientists these disclosures would have been absolutely worthless.”

Committee that recommends vaccines for CDC schedule voting on COVID, other shots

Statement from NIH and BARDA on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Pharma funded more than 2,400 state lawmaker campaigns in 2020, new STAT analysis finds

Major pharmaceutical companies and trade groups helped fund the campaigns of more than 2,400 state legislators nationwide in the 2020 election.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces $750 Million Gift to Speed Delivery of Life-Saving Vaccines

SEATTLE -- The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced today a gift of $750 million over five years to help ensure that children in developing countries are immunized against major killer diseases in the new millennium

Conflicts of Interest as a Health Policy Problem: Industry Ties and Bias in Drug Approval

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