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Our Story.

Sometime in the middle of February 2021, I had asked if someone could show me a study on the entire vaccine schedule showing that it doesn’t increase risks of autism. I was sent several studies, and I read through all of them.

None of the studies sent to me looked at more than one vaccine, or in most cases one ingredient.

Since that day, I haven’t stopped reading. I have read study after study and the facts are undeniable that vaccines do contribute to autism. Besides autism they contribute to ear infections, type 1 diabetes, asthma. The list goes on and on. Why are we letting pharmaceutical companies off the hook for the damages when they are caused? If any other product hurt and killed children at the rate vaccines do it would be pulled without question. At the very least the product would have to be properly labeled, with the risk listed very clearly for consumers to see.

If your kid is hurt from a vaccine injury the pharmaceutical company has zero liability. They don’t even have to show up to court. Our taxes pay for those injuries.

So what incentive do these companies have to make their products safer?

We are forcing parents to give their kids vaccines that have NEVER been through safety testing with double blind placebo (not even one) in order to allow their kids to go to school. How are more people not outraged by this? Instead I see the opposite. People are offended and angry when I speak the truth or they ignore it completely. I don’t understand it.

I want to share Isaiahs story now that I’ve gotten his medical records and been able to go through all of the notes.

Isaiah’s first two months of life he was developing normal. There were no complaints listed at any of his well child visits, all was fine.

Just before he was two months old I received IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics for an infection. I was also exclusively breast feeding because I thought “breast was best” and wasn’t even thinking about the antibiotics being passed to Isaiah.

Antibiotics kill gut microbiome which play a role in immune system function. A study on cephalexin which is what I was given states that it is passed through breast milk and there may be “disruption of the infants gastrointestinal flora”.

At the end of my treatment of antibiotics I went in for a postpartum follow-up where I was given a flu shot. I normally never get flu shots but I did this year because I wanted to protect Isaiah.  I was told the best way to protect Isaiah from getting sick was to make sure those close to him were vaccinated.

Now I know that I probably hurt him more than I protected him.

Influenza vaccines still contain thimerasol which was removed from most children’s vaccines in the early 2000s. There are many studies showing connections between thimerasol and autism. There are at least 180 studies showing harm from thimerasol. Not to mention the influenza insert even states “data is not available to assess the effects on the breastfed infant”.

I should have never been given that shot.

A week later Isaiah was vaccinated for rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hep b, and polio. Six vaccinations at once after just having been exposed to an influenza vaccine not safe for children under 6 months old. After having been exposed to antibiotics that weakened his immune function.

How did no one stop and think this combination might not be safe?

They don’t look at the safety of a combination of vaccines. They hardly look at the safety of one!

That same month Isaiah had a developmental assessment done. Studies have been done proving this screener to be accurate and reliable. Isaiah scored a 109. Fourteen months later, he was given the same screener, only this time he scored a 62.

He went from being advanced in every area to behind or developmentally delayed in every area. He wasn’t born that way.

Another thing that happened after that 2 month mark was his head began to grow significantly. He went from 32nd percentile to greater than 99th percentile for head circumference in less than a year.

He stopped eating and started screaming.

Looking back at his medical records is so easy to see the connection. Isaiah would get vaccinated then bam we are in urgent care within a week with no explanation being found. Every. Single. Time.

By 4 months old he was diagnosed failure to thrive.

At just over one year old, he was diagnosed with Neurological Impairment, Macrocephaly, and Developmental Delay Syndrome.

He now also has diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Delay, Dysphagia, Anxiety, and OCD.

I would much rather this be a genetic issue because I can’t explain the regret that I live with. I’m working so hard to find ways to help Isaiah and he’s doing so good! But what I wouldn’t give to be able to go back and do things different.

I will never tell another parent what choices are best for their family. But I’m asking for parents to PLEASE do some research of your own before deciding!! I always thought there was no unbiased information available but that’s not true! There are a ton of scientific research articles out there. Pubmed is a great website to start. They can be hard to read and comprehend at first, but it’s so important to know the facts for yourself. No one else is going to look out for you and your family the way you would.


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